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🌟GIVEAWAY WINNER – DAY 40🌟📚E-book Bundle📚repost from @jdolllz Have you ever ever drank from an aluminum can or used aluminum foil. Have you ever ever been involved with batteries or previous paint. Labored in an surroundings the place you might be uncovered to fumes or poisonous cleansing brokers.😯
🌟There are literally thousands of questionable or flat-out poisonous chemical substances that you just’re uncovered to in your workplace, your house, your meals, your water, the air you breathe, and so forth. @medicalmedium Secrets and techniques behind Power & thriller sickness & how one can lastly heal BOOK.
🌟Not solely are heavy metals damaging in their very own proper, they’re additionally a type of neurotoxin (a poison that disrupts nerve perform and confuses your immune system). Heavy metallic neurotoxins can inflame and irritate our central nervous system (particularly our mind), inflicting a number of signs reminiscent of reminiscence loss, mind fog, fatigue, and melancholy. @medicalmedium weblog
This scrumptious Heavy metallic DETOX smoothie is completely designed to incorporate 5 key substances that work collectively in synergy to drag heavy metals.
2 bananas
2 cups WILD blueberries (can discover frozen)
1 cup cilantro 
1 cup orange juice 
1 tsp barley grass juice powder @vimergy
1 tsp spirulina @hawaiianspirulina
1 small handful of Atlantic dulse 
Optionally available: water or coconut water 🙌 to mix .
Please make this a each day staple and go to @medicalmedium to coach your self🙏. _________________________________________
#grateful #compassion #prayer #love
#medicalmedium #heavymetals #detox

grateful ,compassion ,prayer ,love
,medicalmedium ,heavymetals ,detox

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🌟GIVEAWAY WINNER – DAY 40🌟📚E book Bundle📚repost from @sarah.dewe “You aren’t guilty in your sickness. It isn’t one thing you manifested or attracted. It’s NOT your fault. You definitely don’t need to really feel unwell” ⠀
YOU have a God-given proper to HEAL” ⠀
-Anthony Williams- @medicalmedium⠀

Essentially the most profound phrases I’ve ever learn that fully began my therapeutic journey the second I learn them. The second I began to dive into Secrets and techniques behind power sickness, I used to be flooded with tears. For thus long-11 years I’ve struggled with Crohn’s illness. Making an attempt remedy after remedy, having three main bowel surgical procedures, a brief ileostomy, residing on my demise mattress, out and in of hospitals, complication after complication, not having the ability to work for lengthy durations of time, and dropping any social side of my life; I had fully misplaced my religion, was defeated, and thought after making an attempt each the medical western world and the natural-path world and having each fail that I used to be simply going to be caught residing this life. I discovered solutions that I had been eager for, for years studying this ebook, I discovered my reality, I discovered the trigger and cause for my sickness which ALL made excellent sense, most significantly I restored my religion within the universe and god. For the primary time ever…..EVERYTHING made excellent sense. It’s just like the lacking piece of the puzzle was lastly discovered and solved✨ ⠀
-Since beginning the medical medium protocols nearly a 12 months in the past this Spring I’ve been capable of fully diminish all indicators of any irritation in my intestines, I not have excruciating ache, nausea, weak spot, malnourishment, irregular and quick coronary heart palpitations and most significantly TMI for the primary time in 11 years I’ve NORMAL bowel actions which I by no means thought was doable. ⠀
– I’m so keen about medical medium and his protocols as a result of I do know what it’s wish to be sick, to have a power sickness, to be past depressed, hopeless, heartbroken, pissed off and defeated! I used to be there simply over a 12 months in the past! And I would like you to know you CAN and WILL heal🙏 ⠀
Juiced collard greens, pineapple+ cucumber🍍🥒 ⠀

#medicalmedium #chronicillness #therapeutic #crohns #spoonie #foodismedicine #vegan

medicalmedium ,chronicillness ,therapeutic ,crohns ,spoonie ,foodismedicine ,vegan

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🌟GIVEAWAY WINNER – DAY 40🌟📚Ebook Bundle📚repost from @freeing_abby 🕊Non secular classes from my breakfast:
🍉: the predigestion miracle of melon teaches Is that highly effective processes could be in play with out us even realizing. We don’t need to combat tooth and nail for each good factor in life. Highly effective therapeutic takes place in our our bodies, spirits and souls and all now we have to do is let it occur. 🥝: the fruit with the common-or-garden outward look that opens to disclose a galaxy that opens us up too. Consciously and subconsciously we are able to disconnect from the annoyances that maintain us mired down and closed off. 🍊: oranges remind us that we typically overlook a very powerful ingredient in our lives. Once in a while now we have to consider what we push apart or forsake and reevaluate whether or not all of it deserved to be devalued. *
Data: Anthony William @medicalmedium .
Isn’t that so wonderful!!!! I’m discovering now in our tradition we take meals without any consideration, particularly with regards to the superior energy of straightforward vegatables and fruits. This plate could appear like a bowl of fruit nevertheless it’s a lot greater than that. We don’t need to make supper time sophisticated, and it doesn’t need to really feel like a chore. It’s like an enormous weight has been lifted off my shoulders. No extra fear about what I’ll eat to be wholesome and completely happy.
Juice: kale, celery, 🥒 and 🍍
Completely satisfied Tuesday
#medicalmedium #plantbased #fruitpower #veggiepower #spirituality #therapeutic #wholesome #healthyeating

medicalmedium ,plantbased ,fruitpower ,veggiepower ,spirituality ,therapeutic ,wholesome ,healthyeating

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🌟GIVEAWAY WINNER – DAY 40🌟📚Ebook Bundle📚repost from @breezy_bananas While you perceive that fruits are most cancers Fighters, greens flush out acidity, herbs and spices construct the immune system, and wild meals assist us adapt to emphasize reaching for these Meals rework from a chore into a possibility.
I learn these phrases within the ebook medical medium life-changing Meals a few 12 months in the past. I did not totally really feel these phrases to start with. I used to be at my sickest. I had been to quite a few docs. Placed on many differet medicines and dietary supplements. Placed on quite a few totally different diets, a minimum of over a dozen over the previous few years with no optimistic adjustments in my situation. The diets have been so constricting, usually leading to me consuming solely a handful of meals and at all times avoiding fruit. I started hating meals and dreading meal instances as a result of consuming actually felt like a chore and only a requirement to dwell. After studying medical medium and life altering meals I made a decision to offer fruit one other probability regardless of quite a few physician’s recommendation.I additionally introduced in additional greens herbs and wild Meals and I start to see optimistic adjustments proper earlier than my eyes for the primary time in years I felt higher and fell in love with my meals once more. I start my first true wholesome relationship with meals. I’ve extra meals choices I’ve had in years with the infinite varieties of fruits and veggies avaliable. Now I see each meal as a possibility to nourish myself, to heal myself and I could not be happier or extra excited to eat. I get pleasure from understanding the advantages of every fruit vegetable or herb and the way it’s helping my physique.

Sleep help fantastic for stress help in viral protections. Mangoes are wealthy in beta-carotene to strengthen and help the pores and skin. Calms the central nervous system. The pulp soothes the abdomen and intestinal lining to alleviate constipation

#medicalmedium #mmtribe #ibs #lymedisease #chronicillness #fibromyalgia #spoonie #chronicillnesswarrior #healingfromchronicillness
#lovechangingfoods #ebstienbarr #strep #foodintolerance

medicalmedium ,mmtribe ,ibs ,lymedisease ,chronicillness ,fibromyalgia ,spoonie ,chronicillnesswarrior ,healingfromchronicillness
,lovechangingfoods ,ebstienbarr ,strep ,foodintolerance

IT ALWAYS SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE UNTIL IT’S DONE. _ Picture courtesy of _ #inspira…

Picture courtesy of

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inspirational ,motivation ,objectives ,med ,drugs ,medic ,medschool ,medicalschool ,medstudent ,medlife ,physician ,nurse ,nursingschool ,hero ,radiology ,cardiology ,surgical procedure ,labtech ,urology ,surgeon ,dermatology ,physician ,anatomy ,medicos ,pharmacy ,hospital ,dentist ,analysis

Are you able to title this construction? Come again in 1 day for the reply! Questions from…

Are you able to title this construction? 🤔 Come again in 1 day for the reply!

Questions from 🖥 Radiology Cafe mock exams right here:
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frcr ,radiology ,anatomy ,radiologist ,radiologyia ,physician ,doc ,doctor ,docs ,md ,medic ,resident ,USMLE ,medicalschool ,medschool ,medication ,medicina ,medico ,medstudent ,medlife ,radiographer ,technologist ,nursepractitioner ,instamed ,schooling ,research ,surgical procedure ,anatomyquiz ,FOAMRad ,FOAMed

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🌟GIVEAWAY WINNER – DAY 39🌟📚Ebook Bundle📚repost from @brittanilayne As a baby, I used to be a gymnast, dancer & cheerleader. I’ve all the time beloved form shifting 😜 Virtually a yr in the past, I bought the analysis of hyperthyroid. On the time, I might hardly get away from bed. Taking good care of my toddler was probably the most difficult process. Having a shower felt like working a 5K. I continually felt dizzy and my coronary heart palpitations have been terrifying. I felt like a dull human. Quick ahead to immediately, I’m doing backflips & backbends on the seashore. I really really feel like a teen once more. I really feel ALIVE in my thoughts, physique & spirit. I’m amazed by this unimaginable transformation each single day. I couldn’t have executed it with out the assistance of @medicalmedium, spirit & God. Anthony William not solely teaches us the significance meals performs in therapeutic. He additionally teaches us how essential it’s to have religion. He says, “Folks with out religion stroll round with their eyes technically open, but stay blind to the serving to arms of God and the universe attempting to succeed in out to them.”

When you’re on the market struggling, simply know that God loves you. God has your again. You’re being protected and guided by your angels. @medicalmedium has given us all the data we have to heal & get our physique’s again on monitor. Isn’t that the best blessing? We’re ALL so beloved – don’t lose sight of that! You WILL get better. Simply have religion ❤️🙏🏽✨

Medication is an acquired syndrome, with time and expertise you’ll purchase it….

Medication is an acquired syndrome, with time and expertise you’ll purchase it.


#inspirational #motivation #targets #med #drugs #medic #medschool #medicalschool #medstudent #medlife #physician #nurse #nursingschool #hero #radiology #cardiology #surgical procedure #labtech #urology #surgeon #dermatology #physician #anatomy #medicos #pharmacy #hospital #dentist #analysis

inspirational ,motivation ,targets ,med ,drugs ,medic ,medschool ,medicalschool ,medstudent ,medlife ,physician ,nurse ,nursingschool ,hero ,radiology ,cardiology ,surgical procedure ,labtech ,urology ,surgeon ,dermatology ,physician ,anatomy ,medicos ,pharmacy ,hospital ,dentist ,analysis

Lemons are a strong therapeutic fruit that comprise phenomenal antibiotic, antisept…

Lemons are a strong therapeutic fruit that comprise phenomenal antibiotic, antiseptic, and anti-cancer properties.🌟Lemons are wealthy in nutritional vitamins C and B-complex and minerals similar to iron, calcium, magnesium, silicon, copper, and potassium.👍🏼They’re thought-about to be a beautiful tonic and might help to cleanse and detoxify the complete physique.💦Though lemons have an acidic style they really have a really robust alkaline response on the physique and might help to alkalize blood, cells, lymph, organs, and tissues.💗Lemons are identified to assist destroy putrefactive micro organism within the mouth and intestines which might help alleviate flatulence, indigestion, and constipation.🌀Lemons comprise a compound referred to as limonene which is used to dissolve gallstones and kidney stones and might help to combat oral, lung, pores and skin, breast, abdomen, and colon most cancers.🙏🏻Lemons are additionally wealthy in bioflavonoids which might considerably increase the immune system and scale back irritation within the physique.🤗Lemon juice is understood to be notably useful for colds, coughs, sore throats, hiccups, ear infections, fevers, arthritis, coronary heart illness, COPD, atherosclerosis, diabetes, excessive ldl cholesterol, autoimmune problems, stroke, and most cancers.🙌🏻Topically, lemon juice is a superb treatment for wrinkles, warts, toothaches, corns, sunburns, poison ivy, zits, psoriasis, and as a hair rinse and facial astringent.💁🏼A tall glass of lemon water upon waking is a wonderful strategy to hydrate and cleanse the physique very first thing within the morning.🍋Contemporary lemon in tea and inexperienced juice and added to salads, wraps, hummus, guacamole, and nori rolls is one other smart way so as to add this therapeutic and nutritious fruit into your food plan.😋Contemporary lemons could be discovered at your native grocery and well being meals retailer.💛