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🌟GIVEAWAY WINNER – DAY 15🌟📚Guide Bundle📚repost from @healthfoodnutty This picture of me and my husband represents our newfound hope of a wholesome future collectively in our golden years, because of @medicalmedium and Spirit.

You see, for 60 years I’ve unknowingly been a quintessential guinea pig of The Unforgiving 4. I grew up within the period of fortunately dancing within the fog left behind DDT spraying vans and including msg to recipes by way of a product referred to as Accent. I used to be born a preemie and lived in a cigarette smoked crammed dwelling for 18 years. I’ve obtained 65+ spinal x-rays within the house of four years for scoliosis therapy remedy, had many mercury-based fillings eliminated inside weeks of each other with out safety, and had chemical substances shot inside my veins throughout sclerotherapy. I consumed OB prescribed fluoride for years in order that my infants would have wholesome tooth. I’ve even unknowingly had mould float down on me like microscopic snowflakes at certainly one of my healthcare jobs. I might go on and on, however you get the image!

Not surprisingly, I’ve suffered by way of a myriad of maladies with signs up and down the alphabet from Anxiousness to Zits and every thing in between! After experiencing at the least half a dozen thriller well being crises all through my life, all with growing severity, my prayers for an answer had been lastly answered after I realized about @medicalmedium by way of a random Instagram put up.

Upon studying his books my thoughts was blown! I lastly had solutions and so they made a lot sense! Two particular sentences of his gave me hope that the hurt achieved to my physique may very well be overcome. They learn, “As sobering as this data is, the Unforgiving 4 don’t spell doom – not practically. When you recognize … how one can detox them utilizing the strategies that I provide… you don’t need to dwell in worry.” I am not making an attempt to flee an invisible dragon. I can see it now and am decided to slay it! Due to @medicalmedium and his IG neighborhood, I now have help from others who “have been there” too. My hope is that I can “pay it ahead” by way of my Instagram posts by introducing others in want, to the truths shared by Anthony William. 💝

Thyme tea comprises potent anti-viral properties and is crucial for Epstein Bar…

Thyme tea comprises potent anti-viral properties and is crucial for Epstein Barr, Shingles, Hepatitis, Influenza, Herpes, Cytomegalovirus, HPV, and many others. If taken regularly it may possibly considerably assist to scale back the viral load within the physique which makes it extremely useful for these struggling with Continual Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Vertigo, Tinnitus, and A number of Sclerosis.
Thyme tea additionally helps stimulate reminiscence, ease complications and muscle pressure, soothe coughs, relieve fevers, and struggle colds and infections. It additionally comprises a compound known as carvacrol which is a superb pure tranquilizer and has a tonic impact on your entire nervous system. Thyme is an effective supply of pyridoxine which is thought to play an vital function in manufacturing GABA ranges within the mind, assist in regulating sleep patterns, and profit neurotransmitter operate within the mind. GABA can be among the best pure defenses towards stress harm.
Thyme tea is a good purifying herb for the digestive tract and has been discovered to destroy sure intestinal hookworms and roundworms and assist within the digestion of wealthy or fatty meals. Thyme can be important for urinary tract well being and can assist stop infections and preserve wholesome micro organism in stability. Thyme has a few of the highest antioxidant ranges amongst herbs. It’s full of bioflavonoids akin to lutein, zeaxanthin, and naringenin which have highly effective results on eliminating free-radicals and different illness producing substances from the physique.
Contemporary thyme might be discovered within the produce part of your native grocery store or well being meals retailer. Thyme can be an exceptionally straightforward herb to develop and may produce abundantly in each containers &/or house gardens.
Thyme tea is a strong therapeutic drink and might be made by infusing recent thyme leaves in scorching water and permitting to steep for 15-20 minutes.
Thyme Tea
2 springs of recent thyme
10-16 ozhot water
elective: recent lemon &/or uncooked honey
Place recent thyme in a mug and pour scorching water over, permit to steep for 15 min or extra. Take away thyme springs or pressure. Sweeten with uncooked honey &/or lemon. Sip and revel in! ⬇️extra under⬇️

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🌟GIVEAWAY WINNER – DAY 15🌟📚E-book Bundle📚repost from @mmichellethecreator “Once we’re sick, we query ourselves. We really feel reduce off from life, from what we had been placed on Earth to do. We doubt primary truths, just like the physique’s capacity to heal, as a result of we have not but linked to what’s actually behind our diseases. We go from physician to physician, medical group to medical group, on the lookout for a solution. We lose religion in life itself.
Once we turn out to be nicely, although, doubt melts away. We’ve got vitality to dedicate to our true function. We watch ourselves rework, and we consider within the good in life once more. We connect with legal guidelines of the universe, like that of renewal.
The reality in regards to the world, ourselves, life, purpose- all of it comes all the way down to therapeutic. ”
Anthony William: #medicalmedium
That is me, June 2017, within the means of shaving my head and taking again management over my life. In January 2017 my trichotillomania peaked as did my struggles with anxiousness, despair, and panic assaults. I used to be hospitalized after a month of struggling two or extra panic assaults a day. I had been shaking uncontrollably, couldn’t be left alone on my own, was combating unfavorable racing ideas continually, and panicked from a couple of uncontrollable suicidal ideations from the stress. I truthfully felt trapped in my physique. Like my very own darkness was taking up and I used to be sinking right into a nightmare and I couldn’t get up. I present this image as it’s my bodily proof of my struggles. I used to be struggling so badly on the within that I did not care what I seemed like on the skin. That was the worst of it. I went by means of hell and got here out alive with one foot in entrance of the opposite. You possibly can cowl some severe floor for those who simply concentrate on the next move ahead! My therapeutic journey began after I made it a precedence. I had the conclusion that each facet of your self is concerned in your therapeutic journey. I discovered nice therapeutic in Inside Youngster Work, Shadow Work, remedy, meditation, sensory processing, and crops. That is proper. After I go grocery purchasing, it is remedy. One useful resource that I’ve discovered extraordinarily useful is Anthony William: Medical Medium. ⬇️proceed studying in feedback under⬇️


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🌟GIVEAWAY WINNER – DAY 14🌟📚Guide Bundle📚repost from @jess.rdh “After we are sick, we query ourselves. We really feel minimize off from life, from what we had been placed on earth to do. We doubt primary truths, like THE BODY’S ABILITY TO HEAL, as a result of we haven’t but linked to what’s actually behind our Sickness. “ -from the ebook Medical Medium by Anthony William
I wrote this nearly phrase for phrase up to now, seeing it written on this unbelievable ebook made me notice what I do know and really feel is actual. We are supposed to heal, and there’s extra to sickness and coverings than the protocols we’re taught. It’s easy, however a tough idea to just accept in immediately’s “advancing” and medication/cash pushed world.
I used to be identified with fistulating Crohn’s ileitis January of 2016, after being in extreme persistent ache and misdiagnosed for four years prior, on prime of a life-time of tummy points and a “weak” immune system.
The unbelievable @julietdancinfool , who raised me had been attempting to get by to me with medical medium. There was an enormous a part of me that wished to hear and consider that there’s one thing extra then the remedy I needed to endure (and sure,enduring the treatment that’s supposed to assist, it’s a ache within the booty -literally😂-to expertise the negative effects of the remedies for illness). I used to be terrified so as to add one thing extra to my listing as a result of I used to be so caught up in the truth that “that is the most effective it’s going to get”, simply sustaining the place I’m at and that’s okay as a result of I’m alive. Then, I used to be fully enlightened by the truth that my physique will not be the issue🙌🏻
Extra within the feedback 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼

The FRCR Physics notes guide by Dr Sarah Abdulla and Dr Christopher Clarke is alm…

The FRCR Physics notes guide by Dr Sarah Abdulla and Dr Christopher Clarke is nearly full! Just some extra days and it is going to be stay. We’re so excited to share this with you!!
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| HEALING BELL’S PALSY | Bell’s palsy is a comparatively frequent situation that may …

| HEALING BELL’S PALSY | Bell’s palsy is a comparatively frequent situation that may present up in a myriad of how. The face could droop within the eye, nostril, or mouth space. It might droop on one aspect or on each side. It might probably final solely briefly or for a few years. At instances it is rather painful; different instances there is no such thing as a feeling in any respect. Typically Bell’s palsy impacts extra than simply the face leaving docs baffled. Oftentimes, when this occurs, the individual with the situation will probably be misdiagnosed with a number of sclerosis (MS). Sadly, these labels are simply names which were given to a set of signs which might be nonetheless a thriller to medical communities.
The true reason behind each Bell’s palsy and MS should not recognized by medical science and analysis, and consequently, they have no idea the best way to successfully deal with these well being issues both. I used to be the primary individual to level out that Bell’s Palsy is a viral difficulty; particularly, Bell’s palsy is attributable to a selected undiscovered pressure of the shingles virus. Medical communities should not but conscious of this reality. Should you or a liked one have suffered with or are at present struggling with Bell’s palsy, you now have the reply to what causes this situation and the data I’m sharing with you right here will help you are taking steps towards restoration or stopping additional well being issues attributable to the identical virus.
The Shingles Virus
In medical analysis and science, just one number of the shingles virus is thought. If somebody contracts a rash that’s purple and painful and it’s thought of a textbook shingles rash, that is very simply identified. Nevertheless, there are 31 undiscovered sorts of shingles that I’ve dropped at mild (see my e book Medical Medium for extra data) and typically the virus doesn’t present itself as a rash in any respect. Or somebody could have a range that develops a rash however they might additionally produce other thriller signs that medical communities aren’t conscious are attributable to the shingles virus additionally. In some instances, the virus received’t lead to a rash, however will present itself as Bell’s palsy. It’s additionally potential in a small quantity of instances that somebody with Bell’s Palsy can even expertise a ⬇️proceed studying beneath⬇️⬇️

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🌟GIVEAWAY WINNER – DAY 14🌟🍎Natural Fruit Field🍎repost from @littlebulewbirdie Made this cake out of fruit for my daughter. Birthdays might be fabulous with fruit. I need to embrace one thing from Medical Medium Anthony Williams’ “Life Altering Meals” book- ” Meals For The Soul – ” What Sugar Cravings Imply: -craving is speaking one thing particular biologically: your mind desires sugar. This will likely sound like a nasty factor, as a result of we’re educated to consider sugar as dangerous. Not so. Like I stated, pure, unadulterated sugar from complete plant meals is essential for mind operate, as a result of the glucose cools the engine of the mind and prevents mind tissue from scarring if you expertise stress or trauma. A sugar craving is your mind telling you it is taxed and desires some help.”
Considered one of my daughters craves sugar very similar to I did as a toddler. I might crave it each morning and after dinner. We use to inform her it was the candida making her crave sugar, however we had been unsuitable. Seems she wanted the glucose.” Medical Medium’s data had us heading in the right direction. The fruit has been one of the best factor for my children. The strep micro organism has stayed at bay with tons of fruit. Our our bodies are getting stronger to it. The wild blueberries style so superb. What a change life has been round our residence by eliminating the issues that feed strep (eggs, dairy, gluten, GMO corn and soy) and by filling the gaps with fruit. We had been clueless on a Paleo Food plan, and avoiding fruits. My children are thriving, the place as they had been having immune points, tooth issues, temper swings, and weren’t lifting to their greater selves. I can inform Medical Medium actually cares about my household. He cares about every one in every of us. We admire you, Anthony Williams!!! .
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medicalmedium ,medicalmediumlifechangingfoods ,vegan ,healingfoods ,strep ,OCD ,PANDAS ,EBV ,Thyroid ,adrenals ,medicalmediumkids ,wholesome ,birthday ,healthybirthday ,plantbasedfoods ,wholefoods ,fruitcake ,birthdaycake ,happybirthday ,eattolive ,foodisfuel ,immunesystem ,medicalmediumgiveaway ,giveaway

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🌟GIVEAWAY WINNER – DAY 13🌟📚E book Bundle📚repost from @__rainbowhealing__ Once I look again at my journey thus far with utilizing #medicalmedium info to over come continual diseases it appears like a blur. I’ve requested myself what my favourite piece of data has been and for me personally, Anthony William stating “You possibly can heal” has been enormous. 💞 These compassionate phrases are precisely what I wanted and nonetheless maintain on to right this moment. However the coolest factor that is occurred on this journey thus far must be with my sweetheart. I really feel compelled to share that final 12 months presently Justin was getting in to one in all what he calls “episodes” the place he begins to free consciousness and eventually seizures. Throughout stated episode he was out working and referred to as me immediately. We had been by way of this earlier than and normally there wasn’t something I might do. This time was completely different. I had simply listened to a free @medicalmedium radio present that very clearly acknowledged that our brains run off of glucose. When my honey referred to as in a panic for some cause that’s precisely what I shared with him. I instructed him to get to security and if attainable get glucose in him shortly. He was capable of make a fast buy of juice and coconut water and stopped the episode earlier than a seizure occurred! Since then he has made positive to maintain life giving fruits a staple every day. 🍍🍎🍌🍓Justin not suffers from temporal lobe epilepsy! That is wonderful proof that We will heal! 🌈 I like this man immensely and I am so grateful we now have actual info for each of our therapeutic. Thanks, Anthony and Spirit. 🙏💙 Fruit heals us! If in case you have any well being issues (which, hey, all of us do!) and really feel moved to take a look at some wonderful info please search for @medicalmedium or contact me. I am very happy to share methods to get began and stroll with you. #thankfulbunny #rainbowhealing #hopeholds #overcome #chronicillness #medicalmedium

medicalmedium ,thankfulbunny ,rainbowhealing ,hopeholds ,overcome ,chronicillness ,medicalmedium