#Limbal dermoids are benign congenital tumors that include choristomatous tissue…


#Limbal dermoids are benign congenital tumors that include choristomatous tissue (tissue not discovered usually at that website). They seem most regularly on the inferior temporal quadrant of the corneal limbus. Nevertheless, they could sometimes current totally throughout the cornea or could also be confined to the conjunctiva.
They might include a wide range of histologically aberrant tissues, together with epidermal appendages, connective tissue, pores and skin, fats, sweat gland, lacrimal gland, muscle, enamel, cartilage, bone, vascular buildings, and neurologic tissue, together with the mind
*Malignant degeneration is extraordinarily uncommon.
The estimated worldwide incidence of limbal dermoids ranges from 1 case per 10,000 inhabitants to three instances per 10,000 inhabitants.
*Limbal dermoids are current at start however is probably not acknowledged till the primary or second decade of life. They might additionally seem to enlarge because the physique matures.
*Most instances of limbal dermoids are sporadic and never associated to any recognized poisonous publicity or mechanical irritant.