May stem cell transplantation yield a treatment for MS? A number of sclerosis (MS) is…

May stem cell transplantation yield a treatment for MS?

A number of sclerosis (MS) is a debilitating illness of the central nervous system (CNS). It’s believed to be an autoimmune illness, during which the immune system mistakenly assaults the mind, spinal wire and optic nerves.

Intimately, the immune system assaults myelin – the protecting coating surrounding nerve fibers – in addition to the nerve fibers themselves. Such harm impairs communication between the mind and spinal wire, producing quite a lot of signs.

Widespread signs of MS embrace numbness or tingling of the face and physique, strolling and stability difficulties, involuntary muscle spasms, ache, weak spot, fatigue, dizziness and cognitive impairment. Some individuals with MS may additionally expertise seizures, speech issues or tremors.

MS: a debilitating illness with no treatment:

In keeping with the Nationwide A number of Sclerosis Society, round two thirds of individuals with MS retain their means to stroll, although many people could require the help of a cane or crutches to get round. In extreme instances, some sufferers could develop into wheelchair-bound.

Using a most cancers remedy for MS:
The groundbreaking remedy being trialed known as autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (AHSCT) – a process that’s presently used to deal with cancers of the bone and blood, resembling leukemia and a number of myeloma.

AHSCT goals to “reboot” the immune system, stopping it from attacking the myelin and nerve fibers.

HSCs are grownup stem cells which are made in bone marrow. They’ve the power to resume themselves and make totally different cells discovered within the blood.

AHSCT for MS: the early outcomes:
Amongst sufferers with RRMS, 64% reported a discount in incapacity. Of the sufferers who had been followed-up for four years, 80% skilled no relapses after remedy and 87% had no worsening of incapacity.

● Nationwide A number of Sclerosis Society, Stem cell remedy within the information, accessed 26 January 2016.

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آنژیوادم گسترده در صورت کودکی که تحت اثر آلرژن بوده. وی حتی نمی‌تواند چشمهایش را…

آنژیوادم گسترده در صورت کودکی که تحت اثر آلرژن بوده. وی حتی نمی‌تواند چشمهایش را باز کند.
آنافیلاکسی Anaphylaxis# یک واکنش آلرژیک جدی است که به طور ناگهانی آغاز می‌شود و می‌تواند منجر به مرگ گردد.آنافیلاکسی معمولاً با علایمی همچون ضایعات جلدی،تورم مخاط چشم و پلک، خارش، تورم گلو و افت فشار خون همراه است. دلایل معمول آنافیلاکسی شامل نیش حشرات، مواد غذایی و داروهاست.
آیا میدانید علت اصلی شوک آنافیلاکسی مربوط به کدام ماده غذایی است؟
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WHO: ‘Zika virus is a world Public Well being Emergency’ : Confronted with rising conc…

WHO: ‘Zika virus is a world Public Well being Emergency’ :

Confronted with rising concern over a mosquito-borne virus generally known as Zika, public well being officers outlined new steering for pregnant girls who’ve traveled to affected areas and for his or her medical doctors.

Zika infections in being pregnant are believed to extend the danger of a doubtlessly devastating delivery defect. Infants born with the situation — generally known as microcephaly — have smaller-than-normal heads and will have under-developed brains.
Brazil, which has been experiencing a Zika outbreak since final Could, has reported a 20-fold rise in instances of microcephaly, starting in October.

Signs embody acute onset of fever, a raised, crimson pores and skin rash, joint ache or conjunctivitis, generally known as pink eye. If ultrasound testing reveals fetus has microcephaly, that also needs to set off Zika virus testing.

If a girl has a journey historical past however no signs of an infection, an ultrasound must be finished, Jamieson mentioned. If it detects indicators of microcephaly or mind abnormalities within the fetus, the girl must be examined for Zika virus an infection.

If a pregnant lady exams constructive for Zika virus an infection, a collection of ultrasounds must be thought-about, at three- to four-week intervals, to watch the event of the fetus, the steering suggests.

Dr. Margaret Chan, director-general of the World Well being Group (WHO), accepted the suggestions of 18 consultants and advisers who convened to debate the outbreak and up to date rise in neurological problems by teleconference.

WHO name for a ‘coordinated worldwide response’ to Zika:

In a abstract of the Emergency Committee assembly, Dr. Chan describes the response that’s wanted going ahead: “A coordinated worldwide response is required to enhance surveillance, the detection of infections, congenital malformations, and neurological issues, to accentuate the management of mosquito populations, and to expedite the event of diagnostic exams and vaccines to guard individuals in danger, particularly throughout being pregnant.” Reference:
WHO, WHO Director-Common summarizes the result of the Emergency Committee on Zika, accessed 2 February 2016.

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#Fatty_liver in grade four گرچه درجه ی اول تا سوم به کاهش وزن وورزش خوب جواب میدهند…

#Fatty_liver in grade four
گرچه درجه ی اول تا سوم به کاهش وزن وورزش خوب جواب میدهند اما اگر کبد شما وارد گرید چهار یا مرحله ی چهارم شود رو به سرطان و مرگ میرود.
آمار وحشتناک کبد چرب در ایران حاکی از آنست که سی درصد ایرانیان متاسفانه به درجاتی از کبد چرب مبتلا هستند که این بعلت اضافه ی وزن و چاقی و کم تحرکی و مصرف روغن های مضر است.
یکی دیگر از علل افزایش کبد چرب هم مصرف داروهای تقویت جنسی است که این روزها زیاد تبلیغات دارد.
اگر هنوز ده درصد کبد شما سالم است و به مرحله ی چهارم نرسیده، ورزش و کاهش وزن و مصرف میوه جات و فیبر را شروع کنید و به جنگ چربی های انباشته در کبد بروید.
آیا برای این معضل، درمان گیاهی یا دارویی یا پیشنهادی دارید؟
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Fatty_liver ,پزشکی ,بیماری ,سرطان ,کبد ,ورزش ,رژیم_غذایی ,چربی ,مرگ ,چاقی
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Hydrops fetalis (fetal hydrops) is a critical fetal situation outlined as irregular…

Hydrops fetalis (fetal hydrops) is a critical fetal situation outlined as irregular accumulation of fluid in 2 or extra fetal compartments, together with ascites, pleural effusion, pericardial effusion, and pores and skin edema. In some sufferers, it could even be related to polyhydramnios and placental edema. Hydrops is normally first acknowledged by ultrasound examination throughout the first or second trimester of gestation. Important fluid collections are simply detected, however fluid accumulation might also be restricted and thus escape routine ultrasound detection.Within the 1970s, the most important reason behind immune hydrops (ie, Rh D antigen) was conquered with using immunoglobulin (Ig) prophylaxis in at-risk moms. Earlier than routine immunization of Rh-negative moms, most instances of hydrops have been resulting from erythroblastosis from Rh alloimmunization. With the introduction of widespread immunoprophylaxis for pink blood cell alloimmunization and using in utero transfusions for immune hydrops remedy, nonimmune causes have develop into accountable for not less than 85% of all instances of fetal hydrops. Nonetheless, in growing nations, the incidence of immune fetal hydrops is sThe prognosis and administration of hydrops fetalis proceed to be challenges for perinatologists and neonatologists. Mortality charges are excessive, and therapy choices are restricted. The only most necessary issue to make sure correct therapy of the fetus with hydrops is a exact and detailed prognosis. Till the underlying pathophysiology is clearly understood and the extent of the abnormalities main the event of hydrops is totally outlined, any try at therapy is futile and probably dangerous.