New handheld, pen-sized microscope may ID most cancers cells in physician’s places of work and…

New handheld, pen-sized microscope may ID most cancers cells in physician’s places of work and working rooms:

Figuring out most cancers cells shouldn’t be a fast or easy course of. It will possibly take days for a pattern to be handled, examined and returned from a pathology lab. Till now, that’s.

A surgeon working on a mind tumor doesn’t need to take away any extra tissue than is totally mandatory. The implications of eradicating an excessive amount of mind matter could be extreme.

The beginning of the mini-microscope:

A groundbreaking invention that has the potential to rid us of this ready sport is at present being perfected by the College of Washington. The gadget, not a lot greater than a pen, will enable surgeons to watch their affected person on a mobile stage, there after which.

This unimaginable mini-microscope is being developed in collaboration with Stanford College, Memorial Sloan Kettering Most cancers Heart and the Barrow Neurological Institute. The continuing work was just lately printed in Biomedical Optics Specific.

Lead creator Jonathan Liu explains the apparent advantages to the surgeon: “With the ability to zoom and see on the mobile stage throughout the surgical procedure would actually assist them to precisely differentiate between tumor and regular tissues and enhance affected person outcomes.” The expertise behind the brand new microscope:

The smallest at present accessible microscopes are roughly the scale of a hairdryer. Earlier efforts at miniaturization have been to the detriment of some features of picture high quality, whether or not area of view, distinction or processing velocity.

Initially, the microscope might be trialed as a cancer-screening instrument; the group hopes that inside 2-Four years it is going to be launched to different medical settings. If rolled out on a large scale, this miniaturized microscope will see a discount in pointless medical procedures and a better success price in tumor removing surgical procedure.

● College of Washington information launch, accessed 29 January 2016
● Nature, Introduction to Confocal Microscopy, accessed 29 January 2016

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physician ,medication ,medical ,well being ,docs ,medschool ,medstudent ,healthcare ,affected person ,futuredoctor ,college ,healthyliving ,hospital ,clinic ,dentist ,nurse ,pharmacist ,prevention ,innovation ,analysis

A vanishing twin, often known as fetal resorption, is a fetus in a multi-gestatio…

A vanishing twin, often known as fetal resorption, is a fetus in a multi-gestation being pregnant which dies in utero and is then partially or fully reabsorbed by the dual.The incidence of this phenomenon is usually known as twin embolisation syndrome or vanishing twin syndrome (VTS), for the reason that 1980s when twin pregnancies had been made seen early on by way of ultrasound.

Often, moderately than being fully reabsorbed, the lifeless fetus will likely be compressed by its rising twin to a flattened, parchment-like state often called fetus papyraceus.
If the fetus is absorbed fully, there are often no additional problems to the being pregnant, apart from first trimester vaginal bleeding.[3] Nonetheless, if the occasion happens within the second or third trimester, critical problems might embody untimely labor, an infection because of the loss of life of the fetus, and hemorrhage. Even on the finish of the being pregnant, a low-lying fetus papyraceus might block the cervix and require a cesarean to ship the dwelling twin.

Medical doctors have eliminated the skeletal stays of an unborn little one from its mom 36 …

Medical doctors have eliminated the skeletal stays of an unborn little one from its mom 36 years after the child’s conception, based on information reviews.

The operation occurred final week, and the case could mark the longest time a fetus from an ectopic being pregnant has stayed in a lady’s physique, The Instances of India reported.

The 60-year-old lady, Kantabai Gunvant Thakre, started complaining about an intense ache in her stomach about two months in the past, based on The Instances of India. After her physician discovered a lump on the decrease proper aspect of her stomach, the girl underwent an ultrasound to find out whether or not the lump appeared cancerous. *As a substitute, the sonogram revealed a calcified mass. The medical doctors then turned to magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), which may take detailed pictures of organs and buildings throughout the physique. “It was after the affected person underwent an MRI that the medical doctors may make out that the mass was actually a baby’s skeleton,” Dr. Murtaza Akhtar, head of surgical procedure at Lata Mangeshkar Hospital in central India, instructed The Instances of India. [9 Uncommon Conditions That Pregnancy May Bring]

Medical doctors discovered that when the girl was 24 years previous, she skilled an ectopic being pregnant, that means that the fetus didn’t develop within the uterus because it ought to have, however reasonably elsewhere inside her physique.

It is unclear from the information reviews the place precisely the fetus was positioned, however ectopic pregnancies usually contain implantation within the fallopian tubes, mentioned Dr. Jonathan Herman, an obstetric surgeon at Lengthy Island Jewish Medical Middle in New Hyde Park, New York, who was not concerned within the lady’s case. In rarer circumstances, implantation happens within the ovaries or stomach, he mentioned.

Medical doctors used to take away ectopic pregnancies with surgical procedure, however previously 20 years or so, extra physicians have turned to a drugs referred to as methotrexate that primarily dissolves the being pregnant tissue, Herman mentioned. The drug can be utilized early in being pregnant, usually earlier than there’s a heartbeat, he mentioned.

Chemical burns to the eyes may be devastating from both alkaline or acidic age…

Chemical burns to the eyes may be devastating from both alkaline or acidic brokers. Ocular chemical accidents are normally instantly painful with concurrent blepharospasm, tearing, and visible impairment. Widespread alkaline brokers embody ammonium hydroxide utilized in fertilizer manufacturing, sodium hydroxide (caustic soda) used for cleansing drains and pipes, and calcium hydroxide present in lime plaster and cement. 👀
سوختگی شیمیایی چشم با اسید سولفوریک
شایعترین اورژانس در رابطه با چشم پزشکی سوختگی های شیمیایی چشم است و شایعترین سوختگی شیمیایی چشم با اسید سولفوریک یا همان آب باطری ماشین میباشد.
اولین اقدام که میتوانند نزدیکان انجام دهند شستشوی چشم با محلول شستشوی استریل و درصورت در دسترس نبودن ،شستشو با آب فراوان تا رسیدن به یک مرکز اورژانس میباشد.
بعد از اسید سولفوریک، اسید هیدروکلریک یا همان جوهرنمک است که در بحث شستشو های خانگی باید مراقب استفاده از آن بود.
در بیمار فوق بدلیل از بین رفتن کامل قرنیه توسط اسید فرد نابینا شده است و کاندید پیوند قرنیه میباشد
#پزشکی #چشم #اورژانسی
#medstudent #illness #human #surgeon #surgical procedure #drugs #medico #nurse #medschool #emergency #eye #burns #hospital #horrible

پزشکی ,چشم ,اورژانسی
,medstudent ,illness ,human ,surgeon ,surgical procedure ,drugs ,medico ,nurse ,medschool ,emergency ,eye ,burns ,hospital ,horrible

Fetal anatomy آناتومی جنین حدود پنج ماهگی از مقطع ساژیتال یا عمودی همچنان که د…

Fetal anatomy ❤
آناتومی جنین حدود پنج ماهگی از مقطع ساژیتال یا عمودی همچنان که در تصویر واضح است سیستم عصبی و نخاع و ستون فقرات جنین کاملا شکل گرفته است.
#obstetric #ginecologia #pregnant #being pregnant #fetus #toddler #mom #midwife #miracle #post-mortem

obstetric ,ginecologia ,pregnant ,being pregnant ,fetus ,toddler ,mom ,midwife ,miracle ,post-mortem

Historic Surgical procedure Makes use of 3D Printing to Prep Transplanting a Kidney from Father to …

Historic Surgical procedure Makes use of 3D Printing to Prep Transplanting a Kidney from Father to Daughter:

An grownup kidney has been transplanted into a baby with the assistance of 3D printing methods, says a report from Man’s and St Thomas’ in London, UK.

Lucy Boucher had coronary heart failure when she was a child, on account of an abnormally quick heartbeat, also called supraventricular tachycardia.

She had surgical procedure for her coronary heart situation, however lack of oxygen had prompted kidney failure, which meant she wanted dialysis 3 times per week, doubtlessly for the remainder of her life.

Now, specialists have been capable of perform a transplant at Nice Ormond Road Hospital in London, utilizing a kidney donated by her father Chris, with the assist of 3D printing know-how.

A 3D printer was used to create fashions of Chris’ kidney and Lucy’s stomach. These enabled surgeons to plan the extremely complicated operation precisely, with a view to decrease the dangers.

It was the primary time that 3D printing had been used to assist kidney transplant surgical procedure from an grownup donor to a baby recipient.

3D printing enhances security of surgical procedures:

The 3D printer used measurements gathered by CT and MRI scans to supply a liquid plastic mannequin, which was molded beneath ultraviolet mild to breed the precise dimension and density of the physique elements.

The mannequin enabled surgeons to examine whether or not the transplant could be possible and to observe the operation beforehand. The transplant, which took four hours to finish, was profitable.

The flexibility to plan and observe places surgeons in a greater place to arrange for the operation and to evaluate which technique is most definitely to make sure security and success.

Lucy will now be capable to stay a standard life, attending nursery subsequent yr and swimming for the primary time together with her brother Daniel.

● Man’s and St. Thomas’ information launch, accessed 28 January 2016. ● CDC, Kidney illness, accessed28 January 2016. ● Nationwide Kidney Basis, About continual kidney illness, accessed 29 January 2016.

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physician ,medication ,medical ,well being ,medschool ,medstudent ,healthcare ,affected person ,futuredoctor ,college ,healthyliving ,clinic ,hospital ,innovation ,analysis ,science ,docs

Wearable sweat sensor might monitor dehydration, fatigue: Wearable well being and f…

Wearable sweat sensor might monitor dehydration, fatigue:

Wearable well being and health trackers have taken the world by storm in recent times.

Researchers have now developed a tool that measures sweat chemical substances, which might alert customers to dehydration, fatigue and extra.

Ali Javey and colleagues publish the main points of their creation within the journal Nature.

In keeping with the staff, their non-invasive gadget – which could be included into wristbands and headbands – is the primary absolutely built-in digital system that may constantly and concurrently monitor a number of sweat chemical substances.

“Human sweat incorporates physiologically wealthy info, thus making it a pretty physique fluid for non-invasive wearable sensors,” says Prof. Javey.

Gadget might provide a non-invasive different to blood assessments:

The prototype gadget consists of a versatile circuit board containing 10 circuit chips, which is linked to 5 sensors that monitor glucose, lactate, sodium, potassium and physique temperature.

Every of the 4 biochemicals measured could provide perception into the consumer’s well being and well-being. Lactate, for instance, gives info on muscle fatigue, whereas potassium can present info on dehydration.

On contact with sweat, the sensors generate electrical indicators. These indicators are learn by the circuit chips and adjusted for pores and skin temperature adjustments, which the researchers say is a key course of.

“The thought is to have this thumbs-up or thumbs-down gadget that may give real-time info: it might present an alarm that you have to take some medicine, or that you just’re getting dehydrated and have to drink some water,” says Prof. Javey.

The researchers word that the gadget may very well be tailored to measure different bodily fluids, offering a fair deeper perception into an individual’s well being and well-being.

● Absolutely built-in wearable sensor arrays for multiplexed in situ perspiration evaluation, Ali Javey et al., Nature, doi:10.1038/nature16521, printed on-line 27 January 2016

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physician ,medication ,medical ,well being ,docs ,medschool ,medstudent ,healthcare ,affected person ,college ,healthyliving ,clinic ,hospital ,dentist ,nurse ,pharmacist ,innovation ,analysis

Nerve harm in MS could possibly be prevented with epilepsy drug: In a examine printed …

Nerve harm in MS could possibly be prevented with epilepsy drug:

In a examine printed in The Lancet Neurology, researchers discovered that an anti-seizure drug known as phenytoin protected towards nerve harm in individuals with optic neuritis.

Optic neuritis is a typical symptom of MS, during which the optic nerve that carries visible info from the attention to the mind turns into infected and broken. For some individuals, optic neuritis will be the primary signal of MS.

Research chief Dr. Raj Kapoor, of the Institute of Neurology at College Faculty London within the UK, and his staff targeted on sufferers with optic neuritis as a result of irritation and harm to eye nerves are easy to measure.

30% much less nerve harm with phenytoin:

The staff enrolled 86 people aged 18-60 with optic neuritis. The contributors had been randomized to obtain both four mg/kg or 6 mg/kg of phenytoin or a placebo every day for three months.

On the finish of the three months, all contributors underwent optical coherence tomography (OCT), which measured the thickness of the retinal nerve fiber layer (RNFL) in the back of the attention.

In contrast with contributors who took the placebo, those that took phenytoin had round 30% much less harm to the RNFL.

Dr. Kapoor hails these findings as “promising,” noting that not solely might phenytoin open the door to a brand new remedy for optical neuritis, nevertheless it might additionally result in a brand new remedy for all nerve harm brought on by MS.


● Phenytoin for neuroprotection in sufferers with acute optic neuritis: a randomised, placebo-controlled, part 2 trial, Raj Kapoor et al., The Lancet Neurology, doi:, printed on-line 25 January 2016.

● College Faculty London information launch, accessed 26 January 2016.

● Mayo Clinic, Optic neuritis, accessed 26 January 2016.

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physician ,drugs ,medical ,well being ,medical doctors ,medschool ,medstudent ,healthcare ,affected person ,neurology ,college ,healthyliving ,clinic ,hospital ,dentist ,nurse ,pharmacist ,prevention ,innovation ,wellness ,scientist ,remedy ,uptodate ,wholesome ,way of life ,article ,science ,analysis

Diabetes breakthrough: encapsulated pancreas cells may finish injections: The ac…

Diabetes breakthrough: encapsulated pancreas cells may finish injections:

The achievement – which brings nearer the day when kind 1 diabetes sufferers will now not want each day insulin injections – is marked by the publication of two papers: one in Nature Drugs that covers the checks in mice and the opposite in Nature Biotechnology that covers the event of the biomaterial.

The findings are a part of ongoing research to develop encapsulated islet cell remedy for therapy of kind 1 diabetes.

Kind 1 diabetes arises when the immune system assaults the islet cells within the pancreas.

Sufferers with kind 1 diabetes must measure their glucose stage a number of occasions a day and inject themselves with insulin to cease it getting too excessive.

Problem discovering biomaterial that evades immune system:

Within the new papers, researchers – from the Massachusetts Institute of Know-how and Harvard College in Cambridge, MA, in addition to from Boston Kids’s Hospital and different facilities – recommend that encapsulating the islet cells in a brand new biomaterial that they developed may overcome the immune assault drawback.

Encapsulating islet cells saved them working for six months:

The implanted cells instantly started producing insulin in response to blood glucose ranges and continued to take action for 174 days, the entire interval of the research.

Sarah Johnson, UK director of coverage and communication at JDRF, a kind 1 diabetes charity that part-funded the analysis, says:

“It is vital to see a research of this size return such promising outcomes. If this research may be replicated in people then sooner or later we may probably free individuals with kind 1 diabetes from a lifetime of insulin injections.”

● Lengthy-term glycemic management utilizing polymer-encapsulated human stem cell–derived beta cells in immune-competent mice, Arturo J Vegas et al., Nature Drugs, printed on-line 25 January 2016

● Combinatorial hydrogel library allows identification of supplies that mitigate the overseas physique response in primates, Arturo J Vegas et al., Nature Biotechnology, printed on-line 25 January 2016

#physician #medication #medical #well being #medical doctors #medschool #medstudent #healthcare #article #nurse #affected person #analysis

physician ,medication ,medical ,well being ,medical doctors ,medschool ,medstudent ,healthcare ,article ,nurse ,affected person ,analysis