Biography of an angel… Professor Parvaneh Vosough was born in 1935 within the metropolis…

Biography of an angel…❤ Professor Parvaneh Vosough was born in 1935 within the metropolis of Tafresh and obtained her MD typically medication from Tehran College of Medical Science in 1963. She later went to the colleges of Cambridge, Massachusetts and Illinois and completed her additional research in these universities. She additionally attended Washington College for her graduate course.
She was the writer of over 100 titles specializing in baby cancers and penned quite a few articles printed on this planet’s main medical journals.
Everybody in Zaffar Avenue, Tehran beloved Mrs Vosough’s Volkswagen bug; a logo which would seem within the neighborhood of Ali Asghar Hospital, making evident of the presence of a girl who had devoted her life to cancer-suffering kids.

Her colleagues bear in mind her as Mom Teresa for the sick kids in Iran.
She was a member of the board of trustees of Mahak Institute in Tehran. She by no means obtained any cash from the hospital and the institute the place she labored till she died on the age of 78. ❤

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